Is your recruitment process costing you more than just Money?

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Whilst recruitment fees are a certainty, have you ever stopped to consider the impact of that ‘short-term’ cost savings as a result of doing your own recruitment? 

It goes without saying that most company owners don’t like to pay out lump sums of money to recruiters! Although in many cases are happy enough to spend the same if not more over a longer period through operating an internal recruitment policy. Not realising that using a recruitment consultancy can speed up the process, you get more appropriately skilled candidates more often and can actually save money, clients and on running the risk of overloading or loosing staff as a result.

So why is this?

It’s true to say that many sizable firms do successfully recruit for themselves, often an HR department expands and adopts an in-house recruitment team. You need to be at a size that justifies this though, although there are inherent problems with this recruiting method. Many of these firms still use recruitment agencies on a daily basis, especially as it’s currently a candidate lead market. Finding the right level of talent can be tough - that we know, what we’re now finding is that, more-and-more, internal departments are calling on ‘us the recruitment consultancy’ to fill those tough to source candidates for those less than easy to fill positions. Of course those in-house operations are only attracting the talent that would be interested in working for that company, they’re very reliant on the candidate making their own decision and are not getting to hear about other potential talent. Talent that could help make the workforce more diverse, instead they are often only attracting candidates that feel they’re a fit for their culture, brand, niche or specialisms.

We’ve seen a trend towards firms bringing their recruitment in-house for three or four yours now, particularly in the Creative and Marketing sectors. What we are also now seeing is that many are reverting back to using the tried and tested methods and calling on the recruitment consultancy’s to take on their recruitment function once again. It breads diversity in the workforce, gives you the ability to throw the net wider and it places more tools in your armoury, things such as negotiating with candidates become possible as they have a middle man to do that for them.

The Talent Pool! 

Remember that your advertising and social footprint needs to be effective. It needs to have impact, to find the right skills when recruiting, which means it needs to be considerable if you’re relying on that alone. Your Specialist Recruitment Consultants will be industry know it all’s, it’s their job to search and find the right fit candidates for you. For those of you who understand the value a recruiter can add to the hiring process, you’ll know we deliver a cost-effective solution, giving you a visible cost to your company, unlike the hidden and sometimes damaging costs as a result of managing the process internally. How are you measuring those cost’s? is that even possible? And how far reaching are they and for how long. At Madd Recruitment we work with a talent pool we’ve accumulated over the last 15 years, right back when we started recruiting for the agency-side sector. We work a pre-qualified network of industry professionals, and we have the added advantage of an in-depth knowledge of the current recruitment marketing landscape. This enables us to get the best for our clients from many different digital channels across social, online paid and non-paid advertising platforms and portals, as well as from data we hold and manage in a compliant and ethical way. This is an ever-moving target and working in this space is the only way to be current and effective. Eliminating those methods that become less effective, out-dated or just begin to perform badly over time.

Whilst your job searches may skim the surface of the small pool you hold across social within your company’s reach, we take the search far further, wider and deeper with our specialist market specific tools, databases and our extensive industry specific network that’s been built over time.

We’ve been doing this for a good many years!

GDPR, what this means for those who are currently recruiting for themselves. Have you considered how GDPR now impacts on your current recruiting processes. Ultimately it means added costs, the requirement to hold the data in a secure location, where you’re required by law to constantly remind those candidates that you still hold their data, asking permission to further retain it on your now - GDPR compliant ATS system if you have one. These are costs as a result of being required to conform and become compliant and operate in an ethical way, handling your candidate’s data responsibly. GDPR has further complicated things for you and us, in truth, it’s a good thing, for all of us in the long run.

We Provide You With Candidates Not just Applicants.

What does this actually mean?

Hours upon hours of sifting through candidates and applications, passive and active, to ‘long and short list’ on your behalf, this is what we do for our clients. We handle the processes for you, freeing up precious time for you to work on what you do best. Often saving the headache of many hours of sorting (long hand) through CV’s that more often than not don’t cut the mustard because they’re coming in from the wrong channels. Of course, this is a far simplified version of the process. As you know we are a niche recruiter with many years experience (both sides of the fence) working with many difference agencies on many different roles across Marketing, Advertising, Design, Digital, PR, Experiential, Print, POS and whole lot more. You all benefit from those candidates that come to us in application or connect with us. It starts with a brief, an advert that attracts the candidate - not an advert that makes them think they’ll be working harder than they do already like most clients tend to do. An advert that doesn’t just get posted in one location, but many different locations across many channels.

Reeling them in first is key. Let your job spec do the real delivery! Remember, most specialist recruiters know their stuff.

How many candidates have you lost because nobody’s there to negotiate the deal!

It’s a people business, we know how to engage with your candidates, we win them over, we talk a good game and sell you in, even when sometimes you don’t appreciate the sentiment. What happens to those candidates who feel less than comfortable going back to a client whose made them an offer, off par! More often than not it’ll be a simple decline and you won’t hear from them again. However, with a recruiter in place, they’re seen as a third party, the representative with the candidate’s best interest at heart. The recruiter plays many roles in the process and being able to make sure your candidate is happy from the very beginning of your onboarding journey is something that shouldn’t be undervalued. We help clients establish salary level’s when necessary, we manage expectations on both sides and above all we facilitate the required outcome for all parties, is this achieved with an internal recruiter or HR Manager? they are seen as the hiring party, not the candidate’s representative. Often a consultant is the only thing keeping that job moving, sometimes the only reason they don’t go off the boil. A lot goes on in the background, a candidate is far more likely to pick the phone up to a recruitment consultant than the client to ask questions.

Qualifying each and every one of your candidates not only eliminates time wasting but also the negative impact employing the wrong person can have on your business. It’s all about the culture with agencies, we understand you, we understand how you think and what you’re looking for, this isn’t a gift, it’s a skill we’ve learnt over many years working with you. It needs to be said that we also make sure that, you the client, are the right fit for the candidate. You’re not all a match and we’re honest about this, we want all parties to be happy, productive and successful, this means you’ll be back for your next hire or job.

An Efficient Use of Time Vs Financial Implication

Yes, we charge a fee, the same as you charge a fee for your work, that is a given. Those fees differ marginally from agency to agency too, with some lower fees offered by the companies with less respect for themselves or the people that work for them! However, fees aside, think about the value a recruitment consultancy can add to your company. Time and resource can be poorly spent on the hunt for the right applicants using your own employees. There are many costs associated with recruiting internally, whether it’s by your senior staff or a specific internal recruiter, the real question to ask is - what’s the cost? It’s knowing what those costs really are, that is the concern. Does this result in time being taken away from your employees working day? Yes, certainly. Does this result in a drop-in productivity, I bet you’d find that it does. Worse still, finding that your current staff are considering a move as a result of an increased workload, well that’s just short sightedness. It’s an easy thing to turn a blind eye to how this all impacts on your business but unless those figures truly compare, you’ll never know just how much it could be costing your company, with a ‘predefined fee’ you know that cost.

We mention the impact it has on company productivity, but it is also worth taking into consideration the effect it has on your clients, have your employees spent more time than perhaps they should looking for new staff when that valuable time should be spent looking after your clients business needs?…do you run the risk of potentially losing business and watching the demise of contracts through a decrease in retention. With the best will in the world, every company wants to fill an empty role within the shortest time possible, but at what cost.

Proof Is In The Recruiting!

Give back those valuable hours to your valued staff and use a recruitment consultancy. Before that hire costs more than just a recruiters fee!

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