Creative Director Ready to Hire

Posted on Monday, May 16, 2022 by Andrew69 comments

Creative Director – Integrated - Now Available to Hire

If you or your firm are looking to hire a Senior level Creative Leader / Creative Director, with hands-on experience and the ability to manage a sizeable team in an agency of 50–100+ staff then this Candidate has all you need to manage Branding and Marketing led Integrated creative projects and teams across all touchpoints.

I am delighted to be representing such an experienced and talented individual. A CD who’s looking for a senior level move to a suitable fitting agency. A personable individual that comes with over 20 years working agency-side for some impressive clients and within respected firms across London.

This person, and their work, have been recognised across a variety of industry specific Press and Publications and they currently hold an Advisory role with a recognised Global Foundation.

This is a fantastic opportunity to hire what is a rare find in today’s candidate climate. Clients worked on cover a multitude of industries from Consumer/FMCG, Finance, Luxury, Community, B2B, Destination and Property, to Not-for-Profit, Media and the Arts.

This candidate is a clear communicator, a leader and creative thinker, with a big picture mindset that is also keenly focused on the details. A real motivator, they are able to inspire and lead and, to coin their phrase – all without casting a shadow.

They’re comfortable steering complex projects while leading multi-disciplinary teams, are excited by the pitch, able to build rapport, and have a proven ability of partnering with clients to achieve long-term successful relationships while maximising opportunity.

They describe their ideal place to work as an integrated multi-disciplinary agency with digital and strategy in-house (although that’s not a deal-breaker), whose focus is on brand and quality of ideas rather than a specific sector.

Somewhere that can match their diverse portfolio and then add some – a mix of large and small projects across different sectors – culture, B2C, charity, place – with a strategic, ideas-led approach that believes in the power of the work it delivers.

Types of projects are less important to this candidate than ethos and culture. They are highly impact-driven and a big believer in the power of design for good. While not necessarily looking for an agency that sells themselves on being purpose-led, they are looking for somewhere that cares about the impact their work has on the wider world.

The following agencies could be ideal targets for this individual: Made Thought, Interbrand, Jones Knowles Ritchie, SomeOne, Lewis Moberly, Pearlfisher, Ragged Edge, Dalziel & Pow, Saffron, GOOD Agency.

If you think you fit into this agency profile then give me a shout directly 

In their own words – I’m looking for a role where I can add real value and make a mark, while expanding my network and working with an amazing team that has the power to transform organisations, brands, and the world!

I don’t make a habit of pitching my candidates this way, I thought it would be a better way to cover a wide audience, giving this candidate the exposure they deserve in order to find the perfect client candidate marriage. Of course each candidate I represent is worth going the extra mile, this time I believe they need to throw the net wide to find that timely open door.

To find out more or arrange an interview and see their incredibly impressive folio then please give me a call or DM me. Their details and folio won’t disappoint. I promise.

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69 comments on "Creative Director Ready to Hire"

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