3 Ways To Find Your Perfect Job With Madd

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Whilst there are many jobs boards out there that you may spend hours searching through for that desired role, here at Madd we can offer a quick, far less time consuming way of finding the right opportunity.

Here are the following three ways to make the process of job hunting easier:

1. Connect with our Consultants on LinkedIn

Connect with us. What better way to find out about available job openings as each of our consultants have first-hand access to all available and current job postings that you will find will be posted daily and weekly. 

Don’t worry we won’t bite…we just love to chat! 

2. Connect with our Company Pages by following us on Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

All current job postings and most up to date industry news are always posted on our social media pages and more importantly you will always find our Consultants posting links leading back to relevant pages on our website.

All our social links are on our website…so get connecting.
3. Register yourself on our Website

Better still register your details and upload your CV here at https://maddrecruitment.co.uk/candidates/ and we will be in touch shortly. By registering with us, this will enable you to receive current job details as well as any new jobs before they’ve even been listed for viewing en-masse.

Gives you the head start in the application process and fingers crossed may result in that ideal placement you’ve been seeking.

Don't forget...we're putting you in control!

We are now fully GDPR compliant putting you in control of your data processing, we will always remind you periodically whether you wish for us to keep your details on the database and the website, as should all recruiters by now!