Agency Side Benefits -How do they compete?

Friday, August 3, 2018

It’s exciting right, a new job offer plus all the benefits and incentives that your new company prides itself upon!

Competitive Salary, Private Healthcare, Annual Bonus, Holiday Allowance, Childcare Vouchers, Fitness Sessions, Life Assurance Protection, Cycle to Work Schemes and Friday Breakfasts to name but a few…and the list continues.

But #agencyside professionals…let me ask you this – what exactly are the important incentives and benefits? And honestly, what are the less riveting packages you’ve been offered? Do you think that these benefits are merely ways of presenting a plumped-up package to a new employee, do companies even uphold the incentives they offer their employees once you’ve joined or do you believe that incentives, regardless of their calibre, are a necessity in every work environment?

Are total wellness coaching sessions, event tickets and free pet walking really what you need? Do you think there’s less focus on absent benefits such as longer and better paid maternity and paternity leave?

That being said, let’s look on the oddly fun side - what are the weirdest incentives you’ve been offered? Onsite Botox Injections (not sure the legal implications of this would be if it went wrong), Lunchtime Surfing Sessions, Onsite Dry Cleaning, bring your pet to work day…everyday You name it we’ve probably heard of it!

Whilst food incentives would never go a miss in my book, I guess the food for thought and really the question we’re all asking ourselves is…

Are unique job benefits the key to employee happiness?